6 Most Cruel Punishments For Marijuana Use In The World

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More and more countries nowadays are starting to legalize marijuana use, but some countries have jet to join this progress. Many countries across the globe have very strict and outdated drug laws, continuing to fight with drug abuse, specifically marijuana. Those countries don’t want their citizens to use cannabis medically or recreationally. It is a stoner’s nightmare.

Malaysia. Death Sentence.

malaysia punishment weed cannabis marijuana

Malaysia is probably the worst country in the world to light up a joint in. In fact, if someone is found in possession of over 200 grams of marijuana, they will receive a death sentence. Obviously, that’s a huge amount of green gold, that a regular folk will never encounter in their entire life. However a death sentence is a little bit over the top for smoking marijuana.

The Philippines. 6-12 Years In Prison.

Just until recently, it was pretty common to see someone puffing marijuana on an occasional street corner, but Duterte has lauched a pretty harsh crackdown on drugs. The country has no mercy for criminals and in 2017 over 12.000 drug suspects have been brutally killed.

However, President Duterte is “in favor” of medical marijuana and the punishments are not as hard, ranging from 6 to 12 years in prison.

Thailand. 1-12 Years In Prison.

thailand prison punishment weed cannabis marijuana

This one is surprising. You would think that in the land of spiritual temples marijuana would be easy to get a hold of. However, getting caught with even the tiniest amounts of weed in Thailand could land you a year in prison. For possession of larger amounts, the sentence can range anywhere from 2 to 15 years in prison plus a huge fine!

Singapore. Again, Death.

thailand prison punishment weed cannabis marijuana

Strangely, they tend not care about tourists smoking marijuana in their country, but if a citizen is found in possession of more than 500 grams of cannabis, they’re punished by death. Even if you don’t have 500 grams of green laying under your couch, you could expect a fine of up to $20.000 and/or a 10 year prison sentence.

China. Life Sentence

china prison punishment weed cannabis marijuana

China isn’t very open about it’s marijuana laws, however cannabis is still considered to be a narcotic substance and can land you up to a life sentence behind bars, sometimes even a death penalty ( https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2069844/Chinese-execution-pictures-Women-executed-drug-smuggling.html).

Saudi Arabia. Prison, Death Sentence.

saudi arabia death prison punishment weed cannabis marijuana

For your first time getting caught smoking weed, you may get off easy with just 6 months in jail, while a second time will land you a sentence of 7 years. Unfortunately, the third time’s a charm. A third offense will not get in in prison, as it is good for a death sentence.

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