10 Best Video Games to Play When You’re High

games to play when high

Probably your favorite video game is not in this list. Beyond this paragraph, Waluigi is not mentioned, and the adaptation of Hollywood does not cut it here. Like science fiction, anime and all kinds of entertainment, the difference between a bad video game and a good video game is enormous. A terrible game you play sober can be excellent on drugs, and a game that’s amazing when you’re sharp and clear- headed can be irritatingly hard after a few bong rips.

Having said that, there are countless compelling, visually impressive, surreal, immersive, thought- provoking, high- dea- friendly video games out there, and it would be impossible to include them all.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

If you want to play a Bethesda game high, don’t go for the Skyrim or any of the Fallout titles. Nah, pick up Morrowind — a de facto turning point in Elder Scrolls titles that still have crap graphics and a willy- nilly fighting system where it’s unclear whether your weapons ever connect with your enemy, but sometimes they get hurt(and you usually do, too). The game is unbelievable, you don’t even need a clutch for stolen goods.

Stardew Valley

No explanation needed.


According to Wikipedia, Tetris was the Soviet Union ‘s first entertainment software export, so this is fun to think about. Nothing is more satisfying than crushing four block lines with a single straight Tetrimino— the official name of Tetris blocks. It sends tingles down your back when you’re high.


You’re all, from a molecule to a post office in the wittty Irish animator David O’Reilly’s biggest video game. All you do is explore, pass your consciousness through seemingly infinite biomes, planets and celestial bodies from object to organism. Along the way, you reveal the wisdom of the philosopher Alan Watts, who helped to popularize the philosophy that connects all life and is a single organism. There’s no way to win or lose — again, it’s you, so there’s nobody to beat — which makes it the perfect, low- pressure game to beat while high.

Katamari Damacy

Your father, the King of the Cosmos, destroyed all the stars and constellations, and now you have to clean up his mess by rolling tens of thousands of objects into bigger balls. Reach critical mass, and substitute for stars. This is Katamari Damacy ‘s premise, one of the trickiest and most satisfying games ever. It requires critical thinking and adaptation, but it is not competitive or dark and the reflexes are easy.

Dream Daddy

This father dating simulator is one of the best storybook games that I have ever played. You and your daughter move to Maple Bay town, where you find that all the people in your neighborhood are single dads. They’re all hot in their own way. It’s impossible to lose.

The Witness

A puzzle game that is so challenging that high deas helps you think outside the box. For months after I finished this one, I continued to find environmental puzzles everywhere in the real world.


It’s a free multiplayer browser game in which you are a snake that eats colorful, glowing orbs to grow bigger. You start very small and can get really big. If you inevitably run into a different serpent, you explode into a bunch of smoldering spheres. It’s nice chill.

No Man’s Sky

This game of flying to the center of the universe and discovering a bunch of alien life forms did not match the hype. But it’s just updated and HOT DAMN LOOK IT’S STILL SO BEAUTIFUL. Play only when you’re too blitzed for the plot.

Nier: Automata

You don’t want THC for this, but you may need CBD. This is the best game I’ve ever played in the past ten years and one of my top five favorites. You play as an Android, tasked with saving the earth from robots, so that people can repopulate it eventually. But the robots begin to show sentience in a way that is eerily… human. I’m cutting off for the sake of spoilers, but the game has multiple play-throughs, and each of them meets your previous expectations. If you go so far as to get even the credits through, you will find a game that divides into the very essence of what makes us, well, us.

Gameplay is more than that, an absolute pleasure. It combines the best movement in the JRPG style with totally massive swords or hammers and a hovering companion who can fire bullets or missiles.

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