Growing Weed On A Balcony

smoking weed legally by growing some on the balcony

You would like to use your balcony (or terrace) to grow some fine cannabis for many reasons. At the end of every month the sun does not send you bills for electricity. If it rains, you get the best water free of charge. There is also no need to invest in ventilation systems, because moving air continually increases CO2 levels.

Growing up on a terrace is a great way for the grower to immerse himself in this cool hobby. Depending on the time of year, a terrace / balcony can be used as a veg room while your indoor room flourishes. Advanced farmers could also benefit from the longer seed-to-harvest cycle of the outdoor terrace.

So whatever the case is, there are still some golden rules that you should know before you start to grow your marijuana on a balcony. Some may appear obvious to the more knowledgeable grower, while others may even surprise experienced guerrillas with green thumbs.

The Basics

Does your balcony have sufficient direct sunlight? Terraces are usually large enough to have more than enough sun all day, but some balconies can be on the opposite side of a building and only receive morning light.

There’s a perfect solution for that – Autoflowers. In this low light situation, the use of photoperiod varieties makes your marijuana plants inefficient, therefore they might not produce any smokable buds.

In this situation, autoflowers perform much better, as their flowering phase does not depend on a change in the photoperiod. It is also strongly recommended that novice growers use autoflowers because their complexity is much lower, but they achieve comparable yields to some photoperiod crops.

Part 1: Hide Your Plants!

legal weed cannabis growing

Whether you live in a cannabis- friendly or unfriendly area, you always have to treat your cannabis crop as the most valuable treasure in the world. Do you really want someone’s eyes overlooking your plantation?

Do everything you can to keep your plants out of sight. Seriously. It may be wise to use some training techniques for your plant instead of allowing your marijuana to grow to its full glory. There are many to choose from, but every one of them controls plant growth correctly, promotes side growth and potentially increases your yields if done correctly. Here’s a full guide on the topic.

Part 2: Cover The Smell

legal weed cannabis growing on a balcony of your home

Cannabis is famous for its pungent smell, which can travel a great distance. Although this can only be a major concern when flowering is in full throttle, it is still a high-risk factor. You can’t use carbon filters or ozone generators to cover the odor, but you can do the exact opposite — increase the odor from your garden.

Let me explain.

Fill your balcony with bug repellent herbs, plants and flowers. Gardenias, stargazer lilies, jasmine, honeysuckle, freesia, roses are just some of the pungent flower options. You could even do as little as grow a simple tomato plant, because it emits a strong odor and you have the advantage of eating the fruit of your labor when it is ripe. This will certainly increase the fun factor of the garden.

Do Not Forget The Genetics

This is focused primarily on the inexperienced grower. Some (sativa- dominant) genetics are prone to massive vertical growth, while others (indica- dominant) are small, fat bushes.

You should avoid sativa landraces at all costs. You probably wont be able to tame them. There are also haze strains that grow enormously. They’ll take a long time to mature too. Instead, pick strong indica-dominant varieties.


beautifully grown cannabis on a balcony

Beware of strong winds when a storm approaches, especially if you live on the upper floors of a building. Winds of gale force can easily break stems or overflow a vase. Long periods of rain can impede the growth of plants as the soil is over-saturated with water. In addition, too long very high humidity can cause bud rot and destroy your flowers.

The same applies to summer heat. Plants can quickly drink water, and cannabis is a very thirsty kind of lady. If you go out for the weekend and forget to water your plants beforehand, you can go back to a bone- dry plant. They are very hardy, but they are not immortal.

Always lookout for pests. Growing outdoors requires regular inspections of plants. The best method is prevention, and there are dozens of complementary plants that can be added to your garden to keep your crop clean from infestation.

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