At Oscars this year, 25 gift bags, worth over $130,000, will contain cannabis truffles

The “Crescendo collection” truffles, which snagged first place at the High Times Colorado Cup, come in three flavours–Earl Grey, Juniper Lemon and Burnt Caramel. Photo:

Swag bags at this year’s Oscars are going to the weeds.

This year’s USD $ 100,000 (approximately CAD $ 132,624.50) gift bags will contain hand – made chocolate truffles infused with cannabis.

Truffles from the “Crescendo collection” come in three flavours–Earl Grey, Juniper Lemon and Burnt Caramel. Each “Crescendo” chocolate truffle contains 10mg of THC. The makers of the candy advise that users “start low and go slow” when eating the truffles, especially if not habitual consumers of the drug.

The gift bags will also be loaded with skincare products infused with cannabis and a membership in a social club for cannabis in LA.

Although cannabis is legal in California, nominees must be cautious when transporting chocolates out of state, in particular to regions that still have to legalize the use of recreational cannabis.

Celebrity nominees such as Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Lady Gaga, Christian Bale and Rachel Weisz will receive the bags, which also boast a week at a California spa, a designer toilet plunger, “phobia relief” sessions with a so – called expert, and a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

This year’s Oscars were plagued by scandal and controversy, from a now – reversed plan to award some trophies during commercial breaks on television to a lack of host after comedian Kevin Hart dropped out late last year.

Event organizers may be looking for ways to boost advertising for the declining awards show ; last year’s Oscars received their lowest TV ratings ever.

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